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Who we are?

We are leading the way to change our society, our way of life and way of doing business; one customer and one business at the time. Leading the way to make the perception a reality and identify those living their life and business with truth and integrity.
We are not in business to get rich; this page is an extension of your commitment to integrity and honest business practice. Our cost is merely covering the marketing and overhead expenses. Keeping the word Integrity intact is our main focus.

Mission Statement

An individual can not buy Integrity; it is earned. We believe our first responsibility is to provide the best help to men and woman who consider Integrity as a goal of their business practice.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create millions of happy, loyal customers. We work hard, so that you don't have to. We love what we do; therefore, we work at making sure that our clients will visit us again and again. We believe and treat people the way we want to be treated. We pride ourselves with the daily emails we receive from our customers and clients who appreciate the information and services we provide.

Our Goals

To provide outstanding services intended to help people grow their businesses. Our products and services include but not limited to :
Name and Business Valuation;
Front exposure and Dynamic Optimization;
Business tips and self-help motivation to stay true to integrity and outstanding customer service;
Honest Referrals and Traffic and Monetization;
Web development and Network coordination. See below some sample websites from our new and former development.

Auto Care Cosmetics Insurance
As we grow we will present to you more opportunities.
Local Finace Accurate Tax

As we grow you will be supported by a successful business group with one goal in mind: helping you build your business.
We are dedicated to helping you succeed. As a client you will benefit from an array of various tips and services, like monetaization, to increase traffic l ocal and national interlink front exposure and great visibility, referrals, repeat customers, reputation, and loyalty.
As a Rep you will be part of a Great Compensation Plan.
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Autos GBG 4 Integrity Chamber
As we grow we will present to you more opportunities.
Slim and diet Integrity Chamber Cigars


We build customer loyalty through INTEGRITY
. Customer loyalty is all about attracting the right customer, getting them to buy, buy often, buy in higher quantities and bring you even more customers. However, that focus is not how you build customer loyalty.You build loyalty by…

  • Keeping in touch with customers using video e mail marketing, thank you cards and more.
  • Treating your team well so they treat your customers well.
  • Showing that you care and remembering what they like and don’t like.
  • You build it by rewarding them for choosing you over your competitors.
  • You build it with an added value like integrity referrals helping them to make impact local community and national market.

In short, you build customer loyalty by treating people how they want to be treated. Does your business include strategies and tactics for customer loyalty & customer retention?

Inspire & Motivate People.
Use Social Media to Build Customer Loyalty
Connect and build a review program.
Setup an Early Trouble Alert Communication System.
Solicit Complaints and Review Regularly
Proactively Solve Problems
Invite people to events
Reward greatness and promote honesty.

Go ahead, take your time and write out your thoughts on the friends/clients you lost, how you might have caught problems early and how you might have fixed/prevent them.
Here’s a few ideas to seed your list of how to fix/prevent them:

  • Solicit complaints regularly
  • Apologize in a timely matter
  • Show the changes you’ve made
  • Setup systems to alert you to problems
  • Automate tasks when appropriate
  • Schedule time to call and network

If a customer has a problem and you handle it promptly with grace & make them happy, you’ll probably have a customer for life. If a customer has a problem and you put off dealing with it for a week, you’ll have an unhappy customer who will tell 20 people about their regretful decision of doing business with you.

  • Identify 10 clients/friends that you’ve lost in the last 3 years because you dropped the ball or messed up somehow.
  • Decide what the best way to communicate with them is (call vs personal meetup) and go own up to your part of what when wrong. Humility is true demonstration of personal strength.
  • Track how many clients you’re able to win back. We can help.

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